We are celebrating 10 Years in Durban, South Africa!

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Blog by Kim: Does it add up?

As the end of the month gets closer I pull out all the receipts from my purse and start to get them in order.  I’m sure you ladies out there know what I mean.  As I put them in a pile I read what each...

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Blog by Kim: Visit to the farm

I had the privilege to take a young girl to the rural area to visit her siblings. I was so blessed to spend time with Thoko and to give this girl time to spend with her family. You see her mother had passed away about...

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Blog by Kim: Pray for the Faithful

Take a corner of a room in your house and walk six medium size steps from the corner to the middle of the room.  Look where you are standing, the size of the area from you to the wall.  It is about the size of...

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Blog by Kim: I know these children

When I read Uncle Dan’s newsletter I always get choked up and most of the time cry.  Well this morning when I read the newsletter it happened, I cried for the children of Key of Hope again.  This time it was a little more than...

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Blog by Kim: At the corner of

  At the corner of Rasta and Rasta is a playground, long forgotten by children who once played there.  Over grown with weeds and a path going right through it for the public to get to the main road.  As we walked by, a young...

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Blog by Kim: 2013 Choir tour

Have you ever been involved with something you knew was much bigger than you ever thought you would be a part of?  This is how I felt about being a part of the first Key of Hope choir tour.  My part was to make sure...

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Blog by Kim:Excitement is building

God is really at work in the lives of every one involved with Key of Hope. Many exciting things are happening with the tour.  If you haven ‘t come to see the kids yet PLEASE make a point to come to one of the performances....

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Blog by Kim: Day 2 & 3

Day 2: The first performance is upon us.  The long awaited moment of showing off all the hard work and preparation to glorify the Lord.  We arrived at The Point church approximately 3 pm.  Did a sound check and put together the set.  Then it...

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Blog by Kim: Choir Tour Day 1

  It was a little bumpy getting going but all in all I think the day went pretty smooth.  Breakfast was supposed to be at 8 am but nobody woke up on time so it started at 8:15am.  The seamstresses arrived at 9am to fit...

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