We are celebrating 10 Years in Durban, South Africa!

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Hope 300

Celebrating 10 Years in Durban

This year, Key of Hope celebrates 10 years of walking the streets of Durban, South Africa, with the hope of the gospel. In the last 10 years, God has provided the resources to do things such as share the gospel with nearly 10,000 kids, provide financial aid for school fees to nearly 1,000, and provide 500 children with monthly food parcels.

While we are thankful for all that God has done here providing thousands of children with essentials such as meals, shoes, medicine, and access to education, the reality is thousands more remain unreached.

Many are still waiting to hear the gospel. Thousands can’t afford to go to school because they pay their school fees, or they don’t have a birth certificate. Most go to bed hungry.

We won’t be satisfied until everyone in Durban knows about the love of Christ, which is why we need your help.

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You have the ability to make a difference.

In honor of Key of Hope’s 10-year anniversary, we are looking for 300 people to join forces with us in an effort we’re calling Hope 300, inspired by Gideon’s army of 300 men in Judges 7.

In this passage, we see God ask Gideon to shrink his army which started at 32,000 to 300. While it seems like 300 men would be easily defeated, with God’s help, this group of 300 men defeated an army of 135,000.

Hope 300 is about providing consistent monthly financial and spiritual support for Key of Hope as they strive to bring hope to the children of Durban. With 300 people consistently donating every month, we will be able to extend our reach far beyond where we are now.

Become a Monthly Sponsor

Your monthly donation provides more than you may think.

  • $ 50

    can buy 400 pieces of fruit that serve as a snack for more than 30+ sports teams.

  • $ 50

    can provide 125 kids with taxi fair to weekly programs.

  • $ 50

    can provide a monthly food parcel for an entire household.

  • $ 100

    can pay for the school fees for a child for a full year.

  • $ 100

    can provide 800-1,000 kids with a snack at Kids Club.

  • $ 100

    can supply one of KOH’s daycare facilities with diapers, cleaning supplies, crayons and other necessities for an entire month.

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Consistent support is essential to the growth of Key of Hope. Consider becoming a monthly sponsor and joining our Hope 300 team in an effort to reach children in Durban.

Become a Monthly Sponsor