We are celebrating 10 Years in Durban, South Africa!

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Our Programs

Key of Hope is dedicated to providing the long term mentoring relationships these children need not only to survive, but to thrive as citizens, leaders, and disciples of Christ. The heart of our mission is to bring the life changing love of God to these children through solid Gospel teaching and tangible ways.

  • Home Visits

    Home Visits are the foundation for building long term relationships with the children. Each child involved in our program is visited by one of our caring adult staff every week, giving us the opportunity to assess basic needs and provide spiritual counsel and prayer.

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  • Kidz Club

    The Saturday “Kidz Klub” is our main gathering, and serves as a gateway to our other programs. The exciting mix of games, singing, prizes, puppets, and Bible teaching attracts hundreds of children, often providing our first contact with a child.

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  • Spring Camp

    Each year we take a select group of older children on a 5 day Spring Camp in the Drakensberg Mountains. The time in nature, away from the squalid, crowded squatter camp has proven to open hearts wide to the work of God’s Spirit.

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  • Family Rights

    Our Family Rights program provides assistance in obtaining child support grants and orphan grants. We also assist in acquiring identification documents – including birth certificates, which are necessary to enroll in school.

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  • Children's Choir

    The Children’s Choir is a chance for over 30 children to express themselves to God and to their world through music, song, and dance.

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  • Feeding Program

    Our Feeding Program provides weekly food parcels to dozens of households struggling in desperate poverty. We work with donors overseas to receive shipping containers of food that we distribute among the poor.

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  • School Fees Assistance

    We provide School Fees Assistance to those children who cannot afford to attend school. Each child who is sponsored also receives a birth certificate and immunizations (if needed), a full uniform, shoes, backpack, and school supplies.

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  • Cross Training

    Our “Cross Training” sports program includes boys’ soccer teams and girls’ netball teams. Children compete in monthly tournaments, and each practice session includes a time of practical Bible teaching related to that days activities.

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  • Creche Project

    The Creche Project is designed to reach 3-5 year olds with the gospel by providing resources and Christian training for shack daycares in the squatter camps.

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  • Hope Academy

    The native language spoken by the kids attending the programs at Key of Hope is IsiZulu. However, English is the second language here and most schools require the kids to be educated in it. From this need was born Hope Academy. Its mission is to supplement the children’s basic need to learn English, but also tutors the children in simple...

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  • Garden Groups

    A few times a year the South African schools have extended breaks and the children spend a great deal of time at home. For this reason we take Key of Hope to their backyard or Gardens. During this time our staff and a team of leaders play games, sing songs and teach Bible lessons to the kids. This is often...

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